Ear Correction


Surgical correction of a deformed ear could
be a life changer. This small and minimal
invasive procedure can gently alter an
earlobe shape and restore it’s natural look and position.

The asymmetrical or protruding ears could undermine an otherwise attractive face. Therefore, a gentle alteration to the earlobe can bring the ears back to their natural position.

The most common problem is either the shape, or the position.

Shape problem is reflected as some of the curves are not developed properly.

Another common problem is when all curves are present, but still the ear is not in a correct position, somehow rotated out too much. Precise alteration is beneficial to both man, who has a short hair or a woman who can’t put her hair together behind the ears.

For the best results an otoplasty should be done after the ears reach their full size, which normally happens by the age of six.

Through minor surgery new folds, curves can be created or the ear can be brought closer to the head.

How is my surgery performed?

This minor surgery can be done under local anaesthesia or light narcosis as a day case procedure.

The incision line is hidden behind the ear, where is not visible at all. The newest a-traumatic method is to maintain the cartilage spring mechanism, therefore a natural and  long term result can be achieved.

The procedure  will take one hour and you can leave the hospital the same day.

Before the procedure

  • •  Before the surgery we will do several pictures and explain the procedure.

  • •  If you have an ear deformation just on one side, we will work on creating a symmetrical ear on the other side and if you do want both ears to be reshaped then we can create an altered image where you will be able to see the outcome.

    •  Before surgery with a few weeks we will talk you through our skincare protocol.

    •  No smoking, no sun exposure, facial or any other skin treatments.

After your ear correction

  • On the day of the surgery we will ask you to bring with you a hair band or hat, for later use.
  •  You will have to wear for 7 days the ear bandage and after that, only at night until the surgeon tells you it is safe to remove it.
  • 24 hours after the surgery a constant pressure tape will be placed which will then be removed the next day in our OPD and change the dressing of the wound. You need to be aware that any intervention on the ear cartilage will cause pain or discomfort for 5 days but with mild painkillers it can easily managed.
  • After 7 days you will only need to have ear bandage to protect yourself from flipping the ear backwards. The sutures are dissolvable and no needed to removed. Also, after 5 days you can wash your hair and after  7 days your ear will look completely natural.
  • What you also need to know is that complications are extremely rare, less than 0.2% risk of infection, fluid collection or change of shape. All these medical problems can be managed in OPD accordingly.


Dr Levente is an internationaly accredited expert in the surgical field.  Member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Royal Collage of Surgeon. Licensed under GMC (UK), DHA, DHCC (UAE) .

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