Chin & Jawline contour

The characteristic of a beautiful face

The focus on the lower face contour has gained market in the last decades.
When it come to shape, women would prefer a more triangular shape when the augmentation is done in comparison to a more square shape which fits more the masculine facial features and characteristics. Using the right combination of different types of procedures an excellent outcome can be achieved with minimal downtime.

Keep in mind:

Fillers are also a great way to try a new temporarily improved chin & jawline.
A perfect result can only be achieved with chin implants.

Benefits of silicon chin implant

  • Permanent results
  • Great improvements, sharper contour
  • Looks & feels natural with multiple options for shape
  • Short surgery
  • Scarless healing with quick and painless recovery

Benefits of fillers augmentation

  • Immediate improvements
  • No anesthesia required without downtime
  • Safe and effective
  • The result is temporary but minimum of 18 months

Chin implants vs. dermal fillers

Chin fillers are a good option if  you don’t want to go under surgery, but you are ready to change the shape of  your chin. While the results won’t be as dramatic with fillers, the improvements should be enough to give you a taste of what a chin implant can look like, also if you only need a slight enhancement for the perfect look. Periodic treatment is required every 18 months to maintain results. Long term cost might be higher than a chin implant.

Fillers due to the liquid form can not achieve such a dramatic result as chin implants.

Chin implants are your choice if you want to improve your facial profile and contour with a more characteristic and permanent way. Most of the time is combined with Rhinoplasty, therefore the balance between the mid and lower face can be restored in one step.

Before your procedures

We advise you to stop taking NSAID, aspirin, vitamins and smoking at least 2 weeks.
For man it is advised to shave on the day of the surgery.

How is the chin implant insertion procedure performed?

It requires local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia, depending on what other procedure it is combined with.
An anatomically shaped silicone implant is placed around your existing chin bone, through a short incision which is made inside your mouth.
This procedure is commonly combined with rhinoplasty, therefore the midface size is reduced and lower face is augmented.

After chin augmentation

  • The implant is fixed to the bone so it can’t move but still some fluid can be collected above and around therefore a tight bandage is placed around your chin for 72 hours, which is necessary to provide compression.
  • After 3 days it is advised to wear it only at home ,overnight for 7 days. Since most of the procedure is performed transoral, liquid diet is advised for 24 hours post op.
  • Most chin augmentation patients experience relatively little downtime and are back to their daily activities within 3 days.


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