Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP Injections

Why don’t enhance your body to refresh and heal by itself through one of the oldest regenerative medicine technique. Your own natural growth factors will stimulate skin and hair to grown again therefore repairing all aging sign.

What is PRP injection?

PRP injections are prepared by taking your blood and after separation technique pure plasma with high concetration of growth factor can be prepared. These activated platelets and factors are then injected directly into the skin or near the hair follicle.

The main effect of PRP injection

The main effect of PRP injection is the collagen and elastin production stimulation therefore we can erase:

•  Dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes
•  Increase facial skin condition, hydration
•  Increase hair density

Because it uses your own natural elements, PRP is very safe.

The first step, to meet with Dr Levente

To achieve the desired outcome, we will have an in-depth consultation in order to analyze all your problems and the result we would like to achieve.
We ask you to identify at least three main problems which need solving; eg. Straight dorsal line, hump removal, smaller tip, better airways etc.
New look
Dr Levente will examine your nose from inside out and explain step- by –step all surgical options for you, followed by digital imaging.
The final meeting happens a couple of days before the surgery. Then we will review your case, presenting pictures about your new desired nose shape and answer any other questions you might have.
How many times has to repeat?

Since we are using your own groth factors, there is no risk for reaction to the product. The final result typically lasting 12 to 18 months after an initial series of three treatments.

PRP for hair rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is also excellent tools for hair rejuvenation. It is advised for those where the density reduced recently or just before hair transplant. The treatment will stimulates your hair follicles to promote hair growth and regeneration.

Solution for Surgical treatman


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